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May 27th @ 5pm


Save the date in RVA for a spectacular evening of top-notch dining this Memorial Day!

Breaking Bread Co. is launching its debut pop-up restaurant to kick off the summer season in style.


Responding to the city's call for more exceptional vegan choices, we are proud to present a remarkable spread!


Introducing The FlavorTown Experience: A Vegan Creole Feast!


Immerse yourself in a culinary wonderland where flavors tantalize your taste buds and each morsel is a tribute to innovation and taste. The FlavorTown Experience guarantees a soulful voyage unlike any other, pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine with a fire Creole flavor punch!


Imagine a meticulously crafted menu where plant-based ingredients harmonize to capture the essence of the sea in a sustainable and delectable manner. From tempting appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, every dish is a masterpiece designed to leave you desiring more.


Chef Kay is renowned for her diverse blend of flavors and fusion soul cuisine, and this menu is tailored to take your taste buds on an unparalleled journey, with textures and flavors so delightful you'll question if it's really vegan.


The menu draws inspiration from the diverse flavors and seafood adored in the iconic flavor hub of America… New Orleans!


Indulge in a four-course extravaganza!


Begin with the Bayou-Spiced "Crabcakes" featuring a delectable Creole Chili-Lime Remoulade and Microgreen Salad. Next, savor Chef Kay's twist on the famed Dookey Chase restaurant classic – Gumbo Z'Herbes, accompanied by tangy, crispy Buttermilk Fried Strips. Get ready next for an incredible vegan Seafood Etoufee Lasagna for the third course, and conclude the evening with the exquisite Banana's Foster Beignets a la Mode! Complementing the experience is a well-stocked bar featuring custom cocktails by the renowned Chef Alex, known for his innovative drink combinations in RVA. Join us, meet new friends, savor new dishes, and create lasting memories that your taste buds won't soon forget, all within an ambiance to match!


Mark your calendars this Memorial Day as Breaking Bread Co. invites you to experience this unique and enthralling pop-up restaurant. Prepare to relish the finest vegan seafare with a Creole twist that will captivate your senses and broaden your culinary horizons. Don't miss out on an unforgettable evening of indulgence and exploration.

Vegan Creole Seafare - Breaking Bread Co. Pop Up

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