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Natalie's Story

Natalie grew up in Richmond, VA and spent many childhood summers in her mother's native Lebanon. Over the years, she developed a deep love for the country, its people and especially her grandmother Martha's cooking! Natalie's long-standing dream was to recreate a small part of Lebanon right here in Richmond, VA.


In December 2016, Natalie's Taste of Lebanon was launched with a mission to share Natalie's love of Lebanese food and traditions with the local community. 


As well as providing an authentic Lebanese dining experience, Natalie's mission is to provide employment for those in our community who live with disabilities. Every day we strive to provide support to the community, give others independence and the ability to lead better lives, and share our love of fantastic food with Richmond, VA.

Natalie of Natalie's Taste of Lebanon, Natalie's Story, Richmond VA

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