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Natalie's Story

At the heart of Natalie's Taste of Lebanon is a mother's love for her daughter. Her desire is to give Natalie and others living with a disability the pride and strength which comes from employment while sharing a taste of the cuisine and culture of Lebanon. Natalie's Taste of Lebanon is built upon the idea of inclusion.  We wish to show that no matter who you are, we value you.


Natalie was born with Williams syndrome, causing problems with health and cognition.  Growing up she loved visiting her mother's native Lebanon: particularly for her grandmother Martha's cooking! Natalie now hopes to share Lebanese cuisine and culture with her city of Richmond. So, enjoy your meal, as we attempt to feed your mind, body, and soul.


Our Mission: To share the cuisine and culture of Lebanon, while employing and advocating for those with disabilities, in an effort to uplift our community.


Natalie of Natalie's Taste of Lebanon, Natalie's Story, Richmond VA
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