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Whether buying for yourself or buying as a gift, Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon is offering the best restaurant deal in all of the greater Richmond area. For only $79 you receive the following…

- a $30 gift card to Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon

- 20% discount on your entire check for you and your entire party every time you visit Natalie’s between the date of purchase and December 31, 2024 (that 20% discount is also good for special events like our monthly wine dinners and our Pop-up restaurants!)

And to cap it all off, we give you the following promo code to get another 10% off of this deal if you purchase by midnight on Saturday 12/9/2023.

Trip Advisor’s top Mediterranean restaurant in Richmond, a supper club discount for a year, a $30 gift card and a 10% discount? All for less than $72? It gets even sweeter…sales for the supper club support the Natalie’s mission of hiring/training young adults with disabilities to work in the restaurant industry.


Don’t delay!

Natalie’s Supper Club Membership

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